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manifold purposes
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We will let brother Crowston speak for himself.

“The highest aspect of Christ's sacrificial work was Godward, not manward, but man is so self-occupied and self-centered that what does not have direct reference to him and his blessing is thrust aside as uninteresting, unimportant and non-essential. I trust my reader will not allow such indifference to the glory of God and disregard for the honor and claims of Christ, to lurk in his bosom to prevent his spiritual progress and hinder his advancement in the knowledge of His Word. Every topic, theme and subject that the Holy Spirit has written on ought to be considered important and necessary, and should, by every child in the Divine family, be read and studied with delight.

The Bible is the revelation of God's mind, the communications of His heart and the unfolding of His love. Shame on the child that does not joyfully meditate on every item of that Heaven-sent Letter!”

60 Pages – Softcover - Author: C. C. Crowston

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