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By many infallible Proofs

By Many Infallible Proofs_von Kietzel
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"To whom also he presented himself living, after he had suffered, with many proofs; being seen by them during forty days". (Acts 1:3)

No believer can read this verse without sensing somewhat of the unique significance of these forty days.

The author carefully compares the accounts given us in the four Gospels and Acts 1, bringing in many other references as well. Rather than looking for discrepancies between the accounts, as do the skeptics, he revels in the details the Spirit of God is pleased to bring out to accomplish His distinct purpose in each narrative, all combining to prove beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever the fact of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

This book continues from where "Behold the Lamb of God" left off. It examines the events of the 40 days from the resurrection to the ascension of the Lord, and carefully compares the accounts in the Gospels and Acts 1.

From the table of contents:

During Forty Days
The Resurrection
Mary Magdalene
The Women at the Sepulchre
Simon Peter and the Other Disciple
The Emmaus Disciples
In the Midst of His Own
At the Sea of Tiberias
"Lovest Thou Me?"
The Commission
Love to the End

76 pages - Softcover - Author: F. von Kietzel

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