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The Great Salvation & Foundations of the Faith

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Author: Hole, F. B.

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The Great Salvation

We who have been saved know something of the greatness of that salvation, but we only learn its true greatness when we investigate its details. Therefore, we will study the various details in this book. Then we will more fully understand the whole. We can't grasp the whole divine plan of salvation from one word, just as we can't see all four sides of a building from one location.

We will see that sin has brought in:
- Guilt, so we need forgiveness,
- Condemnation, so we need justification,
- Bondage, so we need redemption,
- Alienation from God, so we need reconciliation,
- Many dangers, so we need salvation,
- Profanation and pollution, so we need sanctification,
- Complete corruption of our nature, so we need new birth,
- Spiritual death, so we need quickening (to be made spiritually alive),
- Spiritual powerlessness, so we need the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, we will look at new creation, the ultimate things to which the gospel leads us. New creation is suitable only to God.

Foundations of the Faith

One of the characteristics of the day in which we live is that the foundational doctrines of Christianity are questioned and are under attack. Even real Christians are becoming unfamiliar or even imdifferent to these fundamental teachings.

F. B. Hole, a well-known English Bible teacher presents these truths in his usual concise and easy-to-read style.  The author looks at such foundational teachings as:

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible
The Deity and Humanity of Christ
Future Punishment: Its Character and Duration
The Last Adam –  The Second Man
The second Advent: The Day of Redemption and much more.

Twelve foundational doctrines in all are presented to give well rounded and much-needed instruction on these important subjects.

140 pages Booklet - Softcover - Author: F. B. Hole


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