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The Absolute Assurance of Eternal Salvation

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Author: Daniel, R. P.

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From the first page…Why begin a study of eternal security with a terrible description of hell? Because millions of truly saved, truly born again Christians believe it is possible for them to end

up there! What a fearful way to live! One expression of anger, one manifestation of one's old nature at the wrong moment, and perhaps a lifetime of good, God-honoring Christian living is down the drain-or so the theory goes. I'm very pleased to tell you that the Word of God does not support that theory! Rather, God's Word makes it abundantly plain that once you are really converted (saved), nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. We will prove this from the Bible. But first, we need to get some ground rules straight.

8 ½ x 14 - 6 panel tract - R. P. Daniel

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