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In great ernest on the wrong Road

In great ernest on the wrong Road GC 679
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Author: Cutting, G.

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Two officers (one of them personally known to the writer) stood talking earnestly together one day in the public street at S----. Both their wives had been ill and, as they stood, they were congratulating each other on the satisfactory progress toward the complete recovery of their beloved ones. One of them, Major H----, said with much feeling, 'If Mrs. H---- had died I really think I should have gone mad!'
They had not stood there long when a servant from Major H----'s house came in great haste down the street looking for her master. When she reached him he could not fail to see by her countenance that there was something serious the matter, especially when she said. 'Will you please, sir, come home at once? Mistress is very ill!'
Instantly he guessed the worst.

8 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. Cutting

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