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Have you Considered Him?

Have you Considered Him WMS 3664
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Author: Smith, W.

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A scientist, working in his laboratory and coming upon a phenomenon not described in any textbook certainly will not brush aside the evidence for the strange phenomenon he has noticed with the remark, "I am not concerned with this; I'll go on as though I had not seen it."
Rather, as a true scientist, he will feel himself morally obligated to investigate this matter further, for he may be at the threshold of as great a discovery as the Curies were when doing their work with radium.
So you and I, in this so-called age of enlightenment, of high literacy - you and I as honest men-at least owe it to ourselves honestly and carefully to consider, as far as we are able and without prejudice, the amazing claims of Jesus Christ - claims which, by the way, millions have accepted with uniformly startling results in their lives and hearts.
The latest edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica gives twenty thousand words to this person Jesus, and does not even hint that…

28 pages – Pamphlet – Author: W. M. Smith

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