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Doubly Mine - Set of 100

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The boy was out of breath when he rushed through the door of the animal shelter on that hot summer day. “My dog!” he cried. “Is he here? My dog started chasing after something when we were taking a walk, and I couldn't keep up with him, and now I don't even know if he's alive.” The manager offered to show him through the area where the dogs were kept, and the boy anxiously peered into every cage until, at last, his heart leaped with joy and he yelled, “There he is; he's alive!” The manager was very glad for the boy, but had to explain that since the dog didn't have a license, someone would have to pay for one before the dog would be allowed to go home with him… After a couple of weeks had passed, the boy entered the animal shelter and carefully placed his money on the counter. “It's here sir; every penny.” Before long, everything was in order and the dog, who was very happy to be out of his cage, was going home with the boy, who was also very happy to be with his dog again. As they walked home, the boy said: “Now you're doubly mine! You were mine when you were a pup, and now I've paid for you, too. And I'm never letting you go.” This little story illustrates the love of Jesus for us. Because He is the Creator, we are rightfully His even before we are born. However, we are also just like the dog in the story, and often spend our lives chasing after things that we cannot keep and that only end up taking us farther and farther from God. … Those of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as our Savior can say that we are “doubly His”! … SOLD IN SETS OF 100

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