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Ephesians, Thoughts on

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J.W.H. Nichols (1867–1960) was a preacher and teacher of God’s Word, and the author of a number of commentaries on various books of the Bible, including this book of Ephesians.

This marvelous book begins with enumerating many of our spiritual blessings, such as we being chosen in Christ before the foundations of the world and being accepted in the Beloved. Although dead in sins we have been quickened (made spiritually alive) in Christ.

Much of Ephesians gives us serious Church truth, for Paul had been given the job of revealing the Church to the Christians everywhere, as well as bringing out deep truths of the gospel. Husband and wife relationships are a picture of Christ and His Church. The book ends with the necessity of putting on (and keeping on) the whole armor of God to be able to resist the attacks of the devil.

43 Pages - Softcover - Author: J.W.H. Nichols

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