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Ministry of F. A. Hughes

Ministry of Hughes FT Cover
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Author: Hughes, F. A.

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“Preach the Word.” Nowhere is that done better than by some of the spiritual giants of the United Kingdom. In all their ministry they bring Christ before our hearts.

Believers Bookshelf has compiled 15 sermons touching topics such as Nearness To God; Comfort; Features of Revival; Households; The Holy Spirit's Service; and Not I But Christ; along with us, to give you a taste of this refreshing ministry. We believe by reading and meditating on the chapters in this book, you will both gain a greater appreciation of Scripture, but also a greater appreciation of Christ.

We don't know when this book was written-probably in the early to mid 1900s-but the truths presented are timeless. The Believers Bookshelf editorial staff has lightly edited the book to make the language clearer for all ages. We certainly commend this book to you.

108 Pages – Softcover – Author: F. A. Hughes

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