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TheProphetJeremiah_G Andre_682
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Of course, he was one of the Old Testament prophets. In fact, he was one of the “major prophets” – that should count for something. But who else was he? Or perhaps we would ask, “Why is it important to study the Bible book which bears his name? Aren't those Hebrew prophets kind of difficult to understand and out-of-touch with life in the twentieth century?”

Yes, Jeremiah is out-of-touch with contemporary life if things like family problems are out of touch and also things like:

- Relating to political institutions that shut God out
- Speaking for God in a hostile environment
- Dealing with severe trials that we don't understand
- Handling discouragement
- Making decisions that are right but not easy.

This book skillfully blends together the various facets of Jeremiah's life and ministry. Its short concise chapters make it easy to put them together and apply them to our lives. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make it a useful guide for group studies.

65 pages – Softcover - Author: G. Andre