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The Labourer is Worthy of His Wages

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Three times the expression, "The Laborer Is Worthy of His Wages" is found in the New Testament with certain variations. It forms the heading of this paper.

The question, "Who are the laborers and who are their supporters?" is on the minds of many and is most relevant at the present time of economic uncertainty. It is a great privilege and very rewarding to be either a worker or supporter in the Lord's vineyard, "knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord." (1 Cor. 15:58)

The author, Ernst-August Bremicker has diligently searched the Scriptures to find the answers. His findings are recorded under subheadings in an orderly way that will be found very helpful both for the workers as well as their supporters.

Each one of us has a responsibility and role to fill under the direction of the Lord of the harvest and each one will ultimately give account of himself to Him whose we are and whom we serve.

The publisher, Believer's Bookshelf Canada Inc., herewith expresses appreciation to the author, Ernst-August Bremicker for permission granted to publish and distribute "The Laborer is Worthy of His Wages" in a more permanent format.

We also acknowledge our indebtedness to Eugene P. Vedder Jr. for the translation of the original German edition, thereby making it available to the English reader.

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