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In presenting a further edition of "The Good Seed" we should like to express our wish that God may grant all our readers His blessing during the coming year. May the message of salvation and the truths revealed in God's Word prove to be a foundation and growth of faith in the souls of our readers during the year!
Paperback - Daily Calendar

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Sample text below:

He is despised and rejected by men, a
man of sorrows and acquainted with
He himself took our infirmities and
bore our sorrows.
Isaiah 53,3; Matthew 8,17.
The Man of sorrows
"I hope I don't have to suffer." This is, understandably,
the wish of almost everyone. But the Lord Jesus Christ, in
His perfect humanity, never sought to evade suffering.
Even when He prayed, "Father, if it be possible, let this
cup pass from me" (Matthew 26, 39), He gave priority to
His Father's will. He was the Man of sorrows as
announced by the prophet. 

When He lived among men, He showed His sympathy
by healing their diseases. He entered into their circum-
stances and sufferings. When a woman was healed by
touching the hem of His garment, He said, "I perceived
power going out from me" (Luke 8, 46).
The Lord Jesus knows the history and situation, every
care and every pain of each one of us. That meant suffering
for Him, for He bore all for those who were troubled by
such things. This heartfelt sympathy, in addition to the
persecution He encountered, made Him the "Man of

On the cross the Lord Jesus atoned for our sins. Thus
the forgiveness of our sins has become the irrefutable
assurance of the gospel for every believer. He can even
heal our infirmity, if it is His will, although we shall remain
creatures who "groan" (Romans 8, 22.23), until He comes
again and frees His own from all sickness and death. Until
then we can enjoy by faith deep peace of heart in the love
of God. 

Today's reading: Daniel ch. 7

The world is passing away, and the lust
of it; but he who does the will of God
abides for ever. 1 John 2, 17.

    A     businessman     had     achieved
commendable success and was proud of
it. One day he walked between the
flower beds of his garden, when a cater-
pillar caught his attention. With some effort it was
climbing up a stick supporting a rose tree. The exertions of
the tiny insect fascinated the observer. Would the cater-
pillar actually reach the top of the stick?

 His thinking was immediately struck by a comparison:
that is just how you had to torture yourself until you even-
tually reached the top. You had to work untiringly to get
your business to its present standing. But you succeeded;
now you are there. Lost in thought, he watched the cater-

Yes, the tiny creature did reach the top. But once there,
it turned round and crept down again. At the top it didn't
find a single green leaf; it was only a dry stick. 

That experience shocked the man. He began wondering
what exactly he had achieved. He had climbed the ladder,
hoping to attain a respectable position in the world. Was
he now satisfied? Shouldn't he admit that he was now just
as disappointed as that caterpillar? What had he found
there? Nothing that truly satisfied his heart, nothing that
was of permanent, eternal value. 

He felt clearly enough that he had now passed the peak
of his life. In an instant he realized that he had to find
something quite different, something whose worth
exceeded the here and now. That was the turning point in
his life.

Today's reading: Daniel ch. 8


The next day John stood with two of his
disciples. And looking at Jesus as he
walked, he said, Behold the Lamb of
God! The two disciples heard him
speak, and they followed Jesus.
John 1, 35 - 37.

It was part of the ministry of John the Baptist to announce
publicly who the true Lamb of God was. On one occasion his
heart was so filled with Him that he could only exclaim,
"Behold, the Lamb of God!"

The admiration in this expression was sufficient for two of
the Baptist's disciples, Andrew and John, to abandon their
master, that prophet who superseded all others (d. Luke 7,
28). Henceforth they followed One who was incomparably
greater than he, Jesus Christ. Although the Lord's greatness
was revealed in weakness and lowliness, they grasped one
thing: if Jesus was the cause of heaven opening and the Holy
Spirit descending on Him, then His Person was enough to fill
their hearts 

"Behold, the Lamb of God!" This pointed remark is also
enough to motivate us today to follow Him, take up His yoke
and learn of Him (Matthew 11, 29).
The Baptist was not offended that his two disciples left
him; he was aware that his ministry had achieved the ai~
intended. So it is with us, too: we can be the spur for our chil-
dren and grandchildren to get to know the Son of God and
follow Him. 

At the Lord's invitation, "Come and see!" they went to His
dwelling and spent the day with Him (vv. 38 & 39). At the
end of the gospel we read that one of them, the apostle John,
was still following Him (ch.21, 20). He had been doing so
without interruption: it was his heart's desire to be constantly
in the Lord's company. 

Today's reading: Galatians ch. 3


They pierced my hands and my feet.
Psalm 22, 16.
When we read this Bible verse from the Old Testament, one thing becomes clear: It concerns the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
His hands and His feet were pierced, when coarse, cruel soldiers nailed Him to the cross.
What is striking is that these words were written about one
thousand years before the birth of Christ. How could David,
the psalmist, describe this future event so long before it took

What astounds us equally is to read the beginning of this
psalm: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
Aren't they the very words that Jesus cried out from the
cross? How does it come about that they, too, are meritioned
in the same psalm? Was it pure chance? On no account! The
fact that sinful persons would be redeemed by the atoning
death of the Son of God was part of God's plan from eternity.
It was so important to God that He had the sacrificial death
of His Son recorded in Holy Scripture pointedly a thousand years previously.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had come to earth as a
perfect, pure and holy Man. So He alone, as a guiltless
Person, could become the atoning sacrifice. He alone was
able to die for the guilt of others and Himself bear the punish-:
ment of the sins of others. That is the only reason why sinful
people can be saved and receive eternal life.

God could not remain silent about such a great and impor-
tant event, not even long before it happened. It concerned
His own Son! Nor should the death of Jesus on the cross
leave us unaffected. Today everyone can still claim His
atoning death for himself by faith.

Today's reading: Galatians ch. 4

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