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Rise of Clericalism in early Christianity, the

Rise of Clericalism
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Author: Kramer, G. H.

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The practice of appointing one person to carry out most, if not all, the functions of a church is virtually universal in Christendom, so much so that many, probably most, Christians cannot conceive of any form of church order that does not have an ordained minister, pastor or priest as a fundamental requirement.

This was not always the case as can be seen from the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles, where no mention is made of a special class of man to lead by himself, not only in general administration but in worship as well.

However, despite this and Christ's explicit instructions that we are not to call any father or master but that we are all brethren (Matthew 23:8-10), the clergy arose remarkably early in the history of the church.

This booklet succinctly charts that rise..

23 pages - Booklet - Author: G. H. Kramer

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