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Christian Worship

Christian Worship U49
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Author: Kelly, W.

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Christian Worship
beeing the substance of three lectures

Worship is such a basic part of every Christian's experience, privileges and responsibilities that it is our duty to ensure that this highest aspect of our spiritual lives is properly understood and carried out. The writer of this booklet shows from the Scriptures what Christian worship actually is and how it must be conducted in accordance with God's will and not with human arrangements and tradition. He also deals with the spiritual condition necessary for the believer and gives practical advice on what helps and what hinders our worship.

This treatment of the subject is particularly valuable when there is still in Christendom much dependence on formal liturgy, which gives human control over what should be controlled by the Holy Spirit and denies believers the freedom of the Spirit. On the other hand, there is also today the encouragement of human licence to behave in sometimes a quite bizarre fashion in the guise of worship, far removed from the practice of the New Testament. We need to ensure that both our understanding and practice are soundly based upon God's Word and not what appeals to the flesh.

59 pages - Booklet - Author: W. Kelly

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