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People planted in the promised Land, a

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Author: Bouter, H.

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Jacob's last words to his sons in Genesis 49 are quite fascinating because of their far-reaching consequences. On his deathbed the patriarch prophesied what would befall the twelve tribes which should spring from his sons. These prophetic views describe the future of the tribes in the Promised Land. They would be planted there as God's vineyard in order to bear fruit to Him, but they did not come up to His expectations (Isa. 5; Ps. 80). Therefore they would be removed from the land and go into captivity.

But there still remains a rest for the people of God, and so these blessings really extend to the distant future, right down to the time of the millennium, when Israel under the reign of Christ will be the center of blessing for the whole earth.

As Christians we also learn many practical lessons from Jacob's blessings, among other things in connection with fruit bearing, since these things were written also for our instruction (Romans 15:4).

92 pages - Softcover - Author: H. Bouter

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