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Egypt in History & Prophecy

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Author: Unknown

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From The Back Cover

The country and people of Egypt should be interesting to every reader of Scripture. Scripture depicts Egypt both in the future and in the past. The prophecies that foretell the restoration of Israel to their own land and their national exaltation above all other nations, also foretell the restored and enhanced national greatness of Egypt under the blessing of Jehovah.

This book briefly considers what God has said concerning Egypt. The Holy Spirit wrote the Scripture not to glorify Egypt, but to glorify the Son of God, the Messiah of Israel.

We regret we cannot determine who the author was, but are thankful he wrote such a godly and interesting account! This material evidently was first published as articles in “Bible Monthly” magazine-an English “Brethren” magazine edited by W.J. Hocking beginning in 1920. We believe these articles date from about 1937. The articles have been edited and updated by the Believers Bookshelf staff and council.

We believe you will find this book both interesting and spiritually helpful.

68 Pages – Softcover – Author: Unknown

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