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Wisdom's Children (Proverbs)

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Proverbs is God's book of Christian psychology. Therefore, it is full of God's timeless, practical truths dealing with our daily relationships and actions towards Himself, other Christians, and the surrounding unsaved world. The concept of wisdom – the ability to use knowledge rightly before God and man – is a key word in Proverbs, occurring over 50 times.

True wisdom is only obtained by having the Lord, His truths and His ways constantly before us, since He alone is true wisdom. In that way we become “Wisdom's children” in a practical, daily sense.

Jean Claar Bassett, a mother of three young children, has taken this concept of “wisdom's children” as found in Proverbs and applied it in 59 short chapters to many daily situations faced by children, teens and young adults. Relationships with parents, neighbors, fellow-students, other friends, and above all, the Lord, are illustrated by various verses from Proverbs and in short stories which each reader will be able to apply to himself or herself.
I believe every young Christian will find this book both entertaining and spiritually helpful as they seek to live for the Lord and be Christian witnesses to others.

143 pages – Softcover - Author: J. C. Bassett

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