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Ruth, the book of (Hardcover)

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The name of RUTH is mentioned twelve times in this book which bears her name. Apart from that she is mentioned only once more in the Word of God, and that is in a very wonderful place and connection – the genealogy of the Lord Jesus (Matt. 1:5).

The book itself beautifully illustrates how the Holy Spirit gathers up family circumstances in a manner which quite naturally directs the mind and thoughts to a very important truth.

Here our attention is drawn to one of the most precious titles of the Lord Jesus, namely that of Redeemer. The Hebrew word GOEL occurs nine times in this book. We also find the word used repeatedly in Isaiah and in several other books of the Bible. According to its relationship it may be translated as “Redeemer,” “Kinsman,” “Avenger,” but most often as “the Redeemer.” As someone has remarked, “This word alone deserves a study.”

153 pages – Hardcover - Author: H. J. Heijkoop

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