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Pentateuch SET by P. Palmer

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Author: Palmer, P.

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All 5 books of Paul Palmer Sr on the Pentateuch now in one Set!

Only $55.00 instead of $67.75 if purchased individually!

1. Excerpts from Genesis (294 pages - softcover)

The first book of the Bible—Genesis (beginnings)—takes us from the creation of the heavens and earth to the creation of Adam and Eve, to their sin and fall, through the time of Noah's flood, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and Joseph. It takes us from creation to approximately 1500 BC. Most conservative scholars agree that under inspiration Moses compiled Genesis, as well as the next four books of the Bible, referred to by our Lord in Luke 24:27, "beginning at Moses ..." The subject matter of Genesis is immense and vital to an understanding of the whole Bible.

Paul Palmer takes us chapter by chapter and at times verse by verse through this tremendous book, containing the seed-plot of almost every major doctrine of Scripture. He writes in a clear, personable style, with application made that brings the Lord Jesus Christ constantly before our minds and hearts. We learn how blessed it is to be obedient to our Lord, even when He puts us through deep trials. There is blessing at the end! We believe you will find this book well worth your reading, and that you will be blessed and encouraged by it.

2. Exodus (286 pages - softcover)

After completing his excellent book on Genesis, Paul Palmer, Sr. has herein written on Exodus, that action-packed account of the children of Israel as slaves in Egypt, their miraculous escape (or exodus) from Egypt, and their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness where God established the Tabernacle and gave Israel the Law. Paul takes us through these many steps and gives us the practical spiritual realities that will help us in our spiritual life in a generally godless world. He constantly turns our thoughts to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul writes in a modern, clear style, uses the modern-reading New King James Version as his main translation, and makes this somewhat obscure (to many) Old Testament book come alive for all ages from teens, up. The whole life of Moses is seen and many practical lessons learned from the three equal (40 year) parts of his life—as a supposed royal Egyptian, as a shepherd in the desert, and as God’s leader of His people. Through lessons given to Moses, Paul brings out much that will help us in our Christian lives. We believe you will find this book well worth reading.

3. Excerpts from the book of Leviticus (240 pages - softcover)

Leviticus—the middle book of the five books of Moses, known as the Pentateuch—doesn’t cover much travel as does Exodus, but gives God’s directions for the conduct of His people in their coming travels. First we get acquainted with the five great “offerings” which speak so much of Christ. Then we are given various directions including how to handle leprosy—such a terrible picture of active sin, and how this applies today! The Great Day of Atonement is gone into in considerable detail: it was a vital feast for Israel, allowing God to go on with His people for another year. It pictures the Person and work of Christ! The Levitical priesthood also is established and many contrasts made to today when every believer is a priest! Paul Palmer not only makes this little-appreciated book of Leviticus clear and interesting, he constantly brings the types or examples forward to our times and shows how everything points to Christ and His great work on the cross. This is what makes this modern, easy-reading, easy-to-understand book so unique. We who have read it highly recommend it, along with his other books on the Pentateuch!

4. Excerpts from Numbers (228 pages - softcover)

The Bible book of Numbers doesn't often come to mind, yet in its 36 chapters it takes God's people, the children of Israel, from shortly after crossing the Red Sea, through the wilderness, to the land of Canaan, the promised land--a journey of 40 years due to Israel's sinful ways. It thus is often called the "wilderness book," and we Christians are on a wilderness journey through a spiritually dry and thirsty land. Numbers is packed with examples to encourage us, guide us, and even warn us--you and me--of the dangers along the way, and Paul Palmer brings many of these encouragements and warnings before us in an interesting and readable fashion. We believe you will thoroughly enjoy this book which undoubtedly will increase your interest in studying the Old Testament!

5. Excerpts from the book of Deuteronomy (280 pages - softcover)

The remarkable book of Deuteronomy centers around the word “obedience.” The journey from the Red Sea to the Promised Land should have taken an estimated 11 days. But Israel disobeyed the Lord and consequently they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until a whole generation had died. Deuteronomy picks up the refusal to enter the land, bypasses the 40 years, and picks up the march and wars on the wilderness side of the Jordan River, to the point of entering the Land. But they never actually enter. Instead, we have the spiritual lessons of obedience and judgment if they were disobedient, given over and over. Finally, we have the death of Moses—a man who walked to his own funeral.

Joshua was given leadership after Moses, and the crossing of Jordan takes place early in the book that bears his name. Moses had done the preparation-work as recorded in our book. Deuteronomy fittingly completes the five books of Moses, commonly called the Pentateuch.

Paul Palmer Sr. clearly shows us the spiritual lessons in this book (and of the entire Pentateuch), and constantly turns us to the Lord Jesus and to valuable New Testament lessons, pointing out our need to obey our Lord too.


Paul Palmer Sr. was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In 1977, he and his family migrated to South Florida where he and his wife, Valerie, still reside. Their three children with their families are in the Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina areas. Since graduating from Munro College, Paul has worked in the air cargo industry. Besides helping at Bible camps in Florida, Paul serves on the boards of Believers Bookshelf USA and Carmel Hills, a Christian retirement community in Charlotte.


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