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Leviticus, Excerpts from the Book of

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Author: Palmer, P.

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Leviticus—the middle book of the five books of Moses, known as the Pentateuch—doesn’t cover much travel as does Exodus, but gives God’s directions for the conduct of His people in their coming travels. First we get acquainted with the five great “offerings” which speak so much of Christ. Then we are given various directions including how to handle leprosy—such a terrible picture of active sin, and how this applies today! The Great Day of Atonement is gone into in considerable detail: it was a vital feast for Israel, allowing God to go on with His people for another year. It pictures the Person and work of Christ! The Levitical priesthood also is established and many contrasts made to today when every believer is a priest! Paul Palmer not only makes this little-appreciated book of Leviticus clear and interesting, he constantly brings the types or examples forward to our times and shows how everything points to Christ and His great work on the cross. This is what makes this modern, easy-reading, easy-to-understand book so unique. We who have read it highly recommend it, along with his other books on the Pentateuch! 240 Pages - Soft Cover - Author: Paul Palmer Sr.

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