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Deuteronomy, Excerpts from the Book of

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Author: Palmer, P.

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 The remarkable book of Deuteronomy centers around the word “obedience.” The journey from the Red Sea to the Promised Land should have taken an estimated 11 days. But Israel disobeyed the Lord and consequently they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until a whole generation had died. Deuteronomy picks up the refusal to enter the land, bypasses the 40 years, and picks up the march and wars on the wilderness side of the Jordan River, to the point of entering the Land. But they never actually enter. Instead, we have the spiritual lessons of obedience and judgment if they were disobedient, given over and over. Finally, we have the death of Moses—a man who walked to his own funeral.

Joshua was given leadership after Moses, and the crossing of Jordan takes place early in the book that bears his name. Moses had done the preparation-work as recorded in our book. Deuteronomy fittingly completes the five books of Moses, commonly called the Pentateuch.

Paul Palmer Sr. clearly shows us the spiritual lessons in this book (and of the entire Pentateuch), and constantly turns us to the Lord Jesus and to valuable New Testament lessons, pointing out our need to obey our Lord too.

280 pages - Softcover - Author: Paul Palmer Sr.

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