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Sacrifices of Joy (Philippians)

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Author: Willis, G. C.

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Philippians is a book which has brought countless people wonderful comfort with its theme of joy. Paul himself sits in prison and the recipients of his letter are suffering for their faith and the gospel's sake. But Paul shares intimately what is happening to him, as well as his goal in life and the secret of his contentment which enables him to be content under any and every circumstance. He is well qualified to exhort us, “Rejoice in the Lord always: again I will say, Rejoice!”

The late author, Christopher Willis, a missionary to China, writes in his usual warm style and shares simply what he has enjoyed from this short book in the Bible. He digs into the Greek language as well as sharing from his daily life's experiences some of the treasures to be found in this book.

460 pages – Softcover - Author: G. C. Willis

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