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Revelation of John (from the Greek)

Revelation of John from the Greek_KELLY W _354
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Author: Kelly, W.

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No apology seems to be required for presenting a neglected book of Holy Scripture in that form which is commended by an adequate appraisal of the known evidence. Had the text of the excellent Bengel superseded that which is commonly received, there might not have been the same necessity for a new edition. But Christian scholars have also felt the importance of availing themselves of acquisitions, which , during the last hundred years, have shed light on no part of the sacred text more signally than on the Revelation.

There appeared also to be the more pressing call, inasmuch as it is understood that the editions of Tregelles and Wordsworth are exhausted. It is singular that both these editors, if disposed to re-edit, would show that they have, since then, advanced not a little and in exactly contrary directions: Dr. Tregelles in more thoroughly carrying out his adhesion to the very few ancient authorities extant; and Dr. Wordsworth in paying increased deference to the more recent copies, as a check upon the marked peculiarities of one or more of the oldest MSS.

My own conviction is that in certain cases, especially in single words, the most ancient copy that exists may be corrected by another generally inferior, not only in age, but in almost every respect besides; and that internal evidence ought to be used, with dependence upon the Spirit of God, where the external authorities are conflicting.

67 pages – Hardcover - Author: W. Kelly

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