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Luke, meditations in

luke avr
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Author: Van Ryn, A.

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From the Preface:

This is a companion volume to Meditations in John. As that wonderful Gospel sets forth the glories of Christ the Son of God and thus begins with His eternal existence, insisting on His eternal deity, so this Gospel presents Him as the Son of Man, and so begins with the account of His wondrous Incarnation. It is the story of how the Son of God became the Son of Man, that the sons of men might become the sons of God.

As with the book Meditations in John, this volume is not in the form of a commentary, but presents the fruit of years of meditation on this lovely record of our Saviour's altogether human, yet altogether divine personality and ways. Here in Luke, God comes very close to us, and brings us very near to Him.

This book is truly a mine of wealth, baffling the utmost efforts of the most determined prospector to discover to any extent the rich veins of precious truths embedded in this simple, yet sublime language. If the reader gets half as much joy and wonder out of the perusal of this book as the writer got out of its creation, the author will be well satisfied. May the Holy Spirit bless it abundantly, for His glory and the spiritual blessing and uplift of the reader.

278 pages - Softcover - Author: A. van Ryn

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