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Ephesians, Brief Notes

ephesians brief notes
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1. Thrilling Highlights
These are meditations and not point by point doctrinal explanations. You would be better served reading William Kelly's expositions if you are looking for that style of book. Instead you will find important themes from the book of Ephesians that are thrilling to the soul. This might be a good place to begin your reading with something thrilling to the soul.
2. Quickly Accompany Daily Reading
These meditations are short enough to read along with a daily study of God's Word. Each chapter receives a brief commentary. The section on the Church at Thessalonica gives an even broader view of the two epistles written to it. Unlike Ephesians it takes up the major themes of the books without dwelling on individual chapters.
3. Wonderful Breadth
As is typical with Mr. Bellett's writings, he takes in examples from throughout the Word of God to illustrate his points. This requires some acquaintance with all of the Word to fully appreciate his points but lends a real richness to the ways of God being developed. As the author says, “We must introduce our meditations on this epistle by recurring a little to the ways of God from the beginning; because there is a wonderful unity in His counsels, and the whole volume sets its seal to the divine thought.”

Paperback - 96 Pages - Author: John Gifford Bellett

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