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True Worship, the

true worship the jb
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Author: Blackburn, J.

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‘Worship is an attitude of spirit, taken by men realizing the presence of God revealed… the word worship is equivalent to a system of priesthood and sacrifice'.

‘The true worship is to worship the Father, revealed in Christ the Son'. In this gem of a book, John S. Blackburn takes John 4:23 as a key verse and seeks to establish from the Scriptures what true worship really is. He contrasts this with Old Testament practices, ritualistic worship predominant in Christendom and the loose uses of the term in today's liberal modernism.

Carefully defining his terms, John Blackburn distinguishes worship from other closely related concepts such as thanksgiving, praise, prayer and service. He makes no attempt to write a ‘how to' type of book neither falls into the trap of insisting on an ideal pattern for worship.

125 pages – Softcover - Author: J. Blackburn

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