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Spirit of Truth, Lord's Supper & Prayer

Spirit of Truth Lords supper prayer 9548N
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Author: McBroom, J.

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About the Author (1868 - 1951)

James McBroom was born in 1868, in Cumnock, a village in Scotland. He began work at the age of 14 as a coal miner, and confessed Christ as his Savior at the bottom of a coal pit. However, he could neither read nor write. He bought a Bible and a concordance, which he used to instruct himself in reading and writing. He then mastered enough Greek to help him study the Word of God.

He became a full time laborer, sometime after 1920.

He spoke and preached with great enthusiasm, bringing praise to the God of Glory and His Beloved Son, with very touching expressions, as well as teaching that all believers have eternal life.

His use of the English language is superb. He was mightily used of God in written ministry also, including the publication of The Spirit of Truth.

95 pages - Softcover - Author: McBroom, J.

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