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For This Cause

for this cause
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Author: Mawson, J. T.

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We are living in a day when Christians have little appreciation of the true calling and nature of the Church. Connected with this they are also losing sight of the "Blessed Hope," the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this instructive and uplifting book, author J. T. Mawson, looks at the Second Coming of Christ as it especially relates to the hopes and privileges of the Church, which is His body, the Bride of the Lamb!

The reader will not only learn what the Church is, but also will learn much about the doctrine of the Lord's second coming presented in a very heart-warming and devotional way. We believe that this is a very timely book for all of the Lord's people and would heartily recommend it for young and old alike.

64 pages - Softcover - Author: J. T. Mawson

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