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Faith Healing, Speaking in Tongues, Signs & Miracles

Faith Healing
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The Bible is the Word of God. Holy men of God wrote it under the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus in reality the Holy Spirit is the Author of the entire Bible. This means that the Word is perfect and gives us all we need to know. If we read carefully and compare Scripture with Scripture we will also find, that everything therein is sufficiently plain."

Today, much is being said about being filled with the Holy Spirit and many things are being linked with this subject.

To judge whether what is being said is right we have an infallible guide, the Word of God.

From the table of contents:

Filled with the Spirit
Full of, Anointed with, Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Praying for the Holy Spirit and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Speaking in Foreign Languages (Speaking in Tongues)
Speaking in Tongues in the Epistles
Woman's Role According to Scripture
Signs and Miracles
Miracles in History
Healings of the Sick
Healing of Unbelievers
The Significance of James 5
Miraculous Powers or Obedience?
Is the Healing of the Body Included in the Atonement?
Some further Characteristics of Error
The Recognition of the Lord Jesus as Lord
The Deity of the Lord Jesus

80 pages - Softcover - Author: H. L. Heijkoop

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