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Miller's Church History

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Author: Miller, A.

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Miller traces the development of the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 across the millennia. In each century you will discover how God faithfully preserved His people and corrected them too. God's grace working in Luther, Farel, Wycliffe and hundreds more lifts the heart in trouble. These portraits of God's people do nothing to paint over the warts. You will find a faithful, not fanciful, view of the Lord's servants.

Jerome went to the stake as to a joyful festival, and when the executioner would have kindled the bundles behind his back, he exclaimed, “Place the fire before me; if I had dreaded it, I would have escaped it.” Such tremendous faith humbles as much as the rage and repentance of Theodosius will remind you of our weakness and God's restoring grace.

Paperback - 1204 Pages - Author: Andrew Miller

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