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You write the Ticket, Lord

you write the ticket Lord
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Author: Galde, D.

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Real practical help in finding God's peace in the midst of suffering. An absolutely gripping, yet upbeat, personal story of the death of a husband, war, polio, a midnight house fire resulting in third-degree burns - all combined in the life of Dorothy Galde to bring her the answer to the question, "Why must God's servants suffer?"

You will be helped as you see her in God's power overcoming what seemed to be disaster after disaster. The theology of Romans 8:28 is not just preached here - it comes alive in a way you can identify with. You will be uplifted!

You Write The Ticket, Lord gives real, practical help in finding peace even in the midst of hurt and disappointment, in accepting suffering and the deep puzzles of life with confidence in God's love and goodness. You will read this book eagerly and then recommend it to a friend to share the blessing.

If you are personally suffering and want to know how it relates to God's will, you can benefit tremendously from this book.

146 pages - Softcover - Author: D. A. Galde

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