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Ways of God, the (Hardcover)

Ways of god the HC FP
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This little sketch of God's Ways will, it is hoped, be useful to some in grasping the great outline of the purposes and counsels of God. They were written by the author at the time the subjects were lectured upon to a small company of Christians in 1865. That the Lord may deign to use and bless them to His glory and His people's good, is his earnest prayer.

From the table of contents:

1) Introduction
2) General scope of God's Ways
3) The past History of Israel
4) The Times of the Gentiles, and their Judgment
5) The Calling of the Church, and her Glory
6) The Corruption of Christendom
9) The Judgment of Israel and the Nations introductive of the Kingdom
10) The Glory, or Kingdom,…
11) Satan loosed for a little season; The Great White Throne; and the Eternal State
12) Conclusion.

195 pages – Hardcover - Author: F. G. Patterson

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