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Strength From God

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1. Relevant
For those not familiar with J. G. Bellett's writings, you will find this book surprisingly full of moral energy. It isn't possible to thoughtfully consider Strength From God in a purely academic way without having the conscience and the heart touched. We live in a day of moral ruin similar to Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. The instruction drawn from these books is full of humbling and helpful warnings as well. For example, we're told, “This may amaze us if we judge things by any light less pure than that in which God Himself dwells.”
2. Browsable
This fully re-typeset edition is filled with liberal subheadings, thought-provoking callout quotes and clear type. They may be quick to read but require some time to ponder. Consider: “The spirit of service measures not the scene of the service, but the will of the Master.” I find that very challenging.
3. Why You May Enjoy
Failure, fear and faithlessness surrounded Ezra, Nehemiah, Mordecai and Esther. They lived in days when many of God's people had turned from God and His Word to imitate the world around them. But these great men and women of faith found strength from God to honor Him. As the author says of Nehemiah, “He serves earnestly, undauntedly, patiently. Great moral dignity shines in this-a fine spirit of devotion expresses itself.” We, too, discover that “temptations can be met and withstood by the soul carrying the sense of the importance of the work to which God has set us, and the dignity of the person which God has made us.”

Paperback - 108 pages - Author: John Gifford Bellett

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