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Sin in the Flesh: A Word on Perfection

Sin in the Flesh A Word on Perfection JND 717
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Author: Darby, J. N.

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COL. iii. 1,5; I JOHN iii. 2, 8.

" Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as He is pure."

In saying that sin will remain in us until we either put off the body or are changed (for we "wait for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body," Rom. viii. 23), it is not at all meant that we should walk according to that evil principle; on the contrary, we ought to walk in the Spirit (so as not to "fulfil the lusts of the flesh," Gal. v. 16), although " the flesh" still exists.
Nor is this a mere question about words. So soon as we assume that we can be perfect, and there be no longer sin in us, …

And is it so! I shall be like Thy Son,
Is this the grace which He for me
has won? [thought,
Father of glory, thought beyond all
In glory, to His own blest likeness

Oh, Jesus, Lord, who loved me like to
Thee? [to see
Fruit of Thy work, with Thee, too, there
Thy glory, Lord, while endless ages roll,
Myself the prize and travail of Thy soul.

Yet it must be, Thy love had not its rest
Were Thy redeemed not with Thee fully
blest; [but shares
That love that gives not as the world,
All it possesses with its loved co-heirs.

Nor I alone, Thy loved ones all, complete
In glory, round Thee there with joy shall
meet, [Lord,
All like Thee, for Thy glory like Thee,
Object supreme of all, by all adored.

46 pages – Pamphlet – Author: J. N. Darby

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