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Frances Ridley Havergal had none of the ordinary titles of fame. What singled her out was the note of absoluteness in her spiritual experience. . .She had learned the secret of abandonment, and she yielded herself utterly to God. By virtue of this, her writings reached and moved a multitude of souls with strange, penetrating power.

All of her poetry and prose is saturated with the living Word of God; it has a freshness and power which only the eternal dew of heavenly truth could impart. Frances always looked to the Lord for her messages before writing anything. On one occasion she wrote to her sister of her strong belief that, "If I am to write to any good, a great deal of living must go into a very little writing."

The meditations and songs of Frances Ridley Havergal have provided solace, comfort, and everlasting peace to thousands of souls. Her ministry in poetry and prose is ever being used by the Spirit of God to teach, comfort, exhort, and convict.

Paperback - 258 Pages - Author: Havergal, FR compiled byPell, William J Page Count: 258

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