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Marriage, The Institution of

Marriage pw
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Author: Wilson, P.

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In this book, written particularly for the young believer, the author ably presents helpful guidelines based upon the Word of God as to choosing a companion, starting a new home, and bringing up a family.
If we are to have right thoughts as to marriage, we must go back to the beginning when God first instituted the marriage bond between husband and wife. Loose living is on the increase in today's society, and as a consequence the marriage tie and family relationships are becoming increas¬ingly weaker all around us. The Christian must be aware that he or she is not swept along in the current of prevail¬ing opinion as to these God-given relationships.
This book is a valuable help not only for young people contemplating marriage, but also for older ones faced with family responsibilities as well.

126 Pages - Softcover - Author: Paul Wilson

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