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Fasting, What does the Bible Say About

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Author: Hadley, Tim

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The title of this book describes its contents, “What does the Bible Say about Fasting ?” When speaking to His disciples on the subject of fasting the Lord Jesus said, “When you fast…” (Mt. 6:16), not “if you fast.”

This is a subject that is often neglected, just like the practice itself. This concise, simple, yet surprisingly detailed little book, looks at this subject from a Biblical perspective asking the following questions :

Why should I fast ?

Is it fasting Biblical for Christians today ?

How should I fast ?

And lastly when should I stop fasting ?

We highly recommend this to any who have questions on this subject, and perhaps, to stir us to once again humble ourselves and seek the Lord with fasting.

16 Pages - Softcover - Author: Tim Hadley

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