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Family Character and Family Religion

Family Character and Family Religion JGB 1146
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Family Character (Genesis 11:28.)

There was, as we know, a day of visitation of the house of Terah. The family of Shem had become very corrupt, and in the days of Terah, the sixth or seventh from Shem, they were serving false gods. But the power of the Spirit and the call of the God of glory visited the ear and heart of Abram, the son of Terah, and seperated him from that corruption.
We also know that a godly influence extended itself from this in the family. Terah, the father, Sarah the wife, and Lot the nephew join Abram in this, and they all leave the land of Mesopotamia together.
Nahor, however, another of Terah's sons, did not come within this influence. He was comfortably settled at home with his wife, and at home they remained, when Terah, Abram, Sarah and Lot took their departure from the land of their fathers. (Chapter 11.)
This is to be much observed, for the like of it we may witness every day. One of the family becomes the first subject of divine power, and then family religion, or the knowledge of the Lord Jesus in the household, spreads itself; but some remain uninfluenced.

20 pages – Pamphlet – Author: J. G. Bellett

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