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Family - A Word to Parents

Family A Word to Parents GHH 1329
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Author: Hayhoe, G.

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These meditations were originally the result of an exercise on the part of the writer for his own instruction as a father, in bringing up his children. As they grow older, he has sought special wisdom from the Lord in the matter, so that they might, as John says, "walk in truth". 3 John 4.

In looking to the Lord about it, the family of God as found in John's epistles, and the way in which God our Father has made Himself known to us as His children, came before me as the PERFECT PATTERN for family life. What wonderful instruction is found there for us! And while acknowledging my own failures as a father (and more so after writing this!) yet I believe I can say it has been for blessing. Now I would seek to pass it on to others, adding a little word for mothers too, at the end.

May the Lord be pleased to use this little booklet for His own glory and praise, and for the blessing of the fathers and mothers of many growing families in these difficult days.

29 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. H. Hayhoe

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