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Eternal security

eteral security
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Author: Harlow, R. E.

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Can a person be saved on Sunday and lost on Monday?

Does God give eternal life, then take it away?

Is the Gospel a message of "cheap grace "?

What do you have to pay for God's gift?

The Bible teaches that God gave His son so that all men may have eternal life. It is the gift of God, not payment for good works. There are many verses which support the doctrine of Eternal Security.

Does this teaching mean that the Christian can do as he or she pleases? Absolutely not. The truth of Eternal Security must be balanced by another truth, equally Biblical, that God will surely chasten His erring child. A holy Father will never let His son continue dishonoring His name. This chastening is to teach us while here on earth not to sin against God.

In this book, the author gives many verses which teach these two truths. In the third section he takes up other difficult verses which at first seem to teach the opposite. Love, joy, peace are for every believer. None of these is possible if I am always wondering if I have done enough good works to save my soul, or tQ keep myself saved. These chapters will help you to settle these questions forever.

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