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Classic Christianity

classic christianity
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Author: George, B.

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For ever vibrant, fulfilled Christian, there seem to be nine who are doing “all the right things” but still feel bogged down, tied up, or burned out.

Like so many believers, Bob George began his Christian life in love with the Savior only to end up years later disappointed and unfulfilled. Drawing on his own struggles and years of teaching and counseling experience, Bob cuts straight to the heart of the issues that cause so many believers to start out in excited enthusiasm only to end up merely “going through the motions” of the Christian life.

In Classic Christianity, Bob shows us the way back to the life Jesus provided for us when He set us free from the bondage of the law, teaching us to live in the newness of life led by His Spirit. He answers vital questions such as: What does it mean to have Christ living in me? – How can I experience the joy of the Lord daily? – If I'm a new creation, why do I still struggle with sin?

205 pages – Softcover - Author: Bob George

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