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Christian Fellowship in 2 Timothy

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Author: Daniel, R.L.

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Christian Fellowship in 2 Timothy

This commentary on 2 Timothy may be one of the most informative, and in some peoples' minds, the most controversial book they have read in some time. It is a very readable book, having been carefully edited. It espouses the idea that 2 Timothy (Paul's final epistle) was written under God's inspiration to give us the needed information to walk God's Assembly pathway in days of outward division in the Church. If so, then this defines our pathway, and if we want to please our Lord, we need to pay serious attention and “Prove all things”! It certainly is not a popular pathway! But do you have the heart to walk it to please your Lord and Savior?

Although graduating as a naval architect, Roger L. Daniel served the Lord full time mainly in the eastern USA for over 40 years till his death in 1961. We give a brief history of his life at the beginning of the book since he is not well known today. He was so convinced of the importance of 2 Timothy to today's conditions that he made a long-term detailed study of that book. Herein you gain the benefit of that study.

204 Pages - Softcover - Author: Roger LeBaron Daniel

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