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Abundant Life

Abundant Life
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Designed to involve the individual in systematic Bible study, these twelve well-organized lessons trace the Christian life from conversion to maturity. The illustrative drawings, helpful review questions, and suggested Bible memory verses are valuable for personal research -- and for group discussions.The Abundant Life analyzes the basics of the Christian experience one at a time, picturing them as physical actions. For example, it compares Bible study to eating, prayer to talking, forgiveness to washing. These simple analogies make the material easy to understand.An effective tool for evangelism or individual study, The Abundant Life points out the how-to of obtaining and enjoying a meaningful relationship with God.

Table of Contents
1. Meeting Christ - Salvation
2. Life Has Begun - Assurance
3. Learning to Eat - How to feed on the Word
4. Learning to Talk - The privilege and power of prayer
5. Starting to Walk - Three classes of men
6. Walking Without Stumbling - Temptations
7. Washing and Spanking - Forgiveness and chastening
8. Enjoying the Family - Growing through fellowship with others
9. Growing Through Fellowship with God - Getting to "know Him"
10. Following Directions - Finding God's will for your life and for daily living
11. Fishing - Co-laborers with God
12. Spiritual Child Care - Follow-up

Softcover - 191 Pages - By Ray E. Baughman

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