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Hades and Eternal Punishment

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Hades and Eternal Punishment
Hades and its Old Testament equivalent, Sheol, are words that seem to have confusing meanings in peoples' minds. Whole doctrines have been built on these unclear thoughts, often by otherwise careful and godly writers. In this book, originally written about 100 years ago, but updated for readability in this edition, Algernon J. Pollock (1864-1957) examined all the Scriptures and fearlessly shows what is the true meaning of these important words.
Once that has been established, he shows the meaning of the Greek word gehenna, so often mistranslated in some versions of the Bible, as applying only to eternal hell, pictured as the lake of fire in Revelation, and then proceeds to prove the eternal duration of the unsaved person's punishment and likewise of the believer's blessing with Christ. He summarized his findings in a tract which closes the book.
We believe it is vital to have a clear understanding of biblical truths from all that Scripture has to say about such truths. We believe each of us needs to be grounded in these things. Therefore, we submit this book to you as one book of many on vital subjects of Scripture and believe you'll profit much from it. There are plenty of people ready to twist the Word to suit their own purposes. The best rebuttal is, "It is written..."

58 pages - Softcover - Author: A. J. Pollock

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