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Appearances of Christ after His Resurection, The

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There are 17 appearances of the risen Lord given in the Bible, 11 of which were during His 40 days on earth before His ascension back to heaven. Fourteen are now history and three are yet future. Simply looking at these appearances in chronological order would make this an interesting book. But each appearance is also in reference to a fresh body of precious truth which takes us from Judaism to the final great truth of Christianity—the Church, seen in its present aspect and then pointing to its future in heaven. Peter van Winkle (1868-1952) skillfully takes us through these appearances, first in summary and then in enough detail that we can clearly see the expansion of these truths of Christianity and their relationship to one another, without getting bogged down in too much detail in one book. Did you know that the ministry of Paul is really a continuation and expansion of Stephen’s ministry? Both saw the risen Lord in heaven—Stephen at the end of his service and Paul, only a little later, at the beginning of his ministry. The editors, readers and proofreaders have all enjoyed working on this most interesting book. We believe you will also find it very beneficial and interesting, and will be amazed at how much connected-truth of Christianity you’ll learn. It is a book you will be glad you read and will want to read again, and have others also read! Enjoy! 226 pages - Softcover - Author: Peter van Winkle

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