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Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English

Pilgrim s Progress in Today s English
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Author: Bunyan, J.

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Retold by James H. Thomas. The best allegory ever written is rewritten in modern English, making it clearer and more forceful to the modern reader. (More than 100,000 in print)

Table of Contents
PART ONE: Christian's journey

1. Christian in Trouble
2. Christian Returns to the Good Way
3. Journey Toward the House Beautiful
4. In the Valleys of Humility and Death
5. Christian and Faithful
6. Vanity Fair and the City of Vanity
7. Journey to the Delectable Mountains
8. At the Delectable Mountains
9. In the Low Country of Conceit
10. The Talk with Ignorance
11. Near to the City of God

PART TWO: Christian's journey

12. Christiana Follows Christian
13. At the Interpreter's House
14. The Guidance of Greatheart
15. At the Porter's Lodge
16. With Greatheart on the Way
17. At the Homes of Gaius and Manson
18. Christiana at the Delectable Mountains
19. On the Enchanted Ground
20. Beulah Land

Paperback - by John Bunyan and by James H. Thomas

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