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Man of God, the

Man of God
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A "Man of God" is identified with God's interests and character. He is God's emergency man, speaking and acting for God in times of special difficulty and need. God needs such men to stand for Himself, apart from evil and in contrast to conditions prevailing all around.

Why does God call each of the men in this book a "man of God"? How can a Christian today be a "man of God"? The brief comments in this guide will help Christians in personal or group Bible studies.

The questions in "Thinking Things Through" at each chapter's end are the heart of these lessons. Use them for personal meditation and to stimulate discussion and application to today's problems and needs. May this book help you to become a true man or woman of God, one who shares God's concerns in a world where things are not as they ought to be!

Eugene Vedder continues to travel among the assemblies teaching and encouraging the people of God.

From the table of contents:

The Man of God as Presented in Timothy
Chapter 1: Starting Young – Timothy
Chapter 2: Speaking Without Fear – Moses
Chapter 3: Acting In Emergencies – Samuel
Chapter 4: Obeying God's Word – Jeroboam
Chapter 5: Winning Some Battles – Elijah
Chapter 6: Coping With Defeat – Elijah
Chapter 7: Working Wonders – Elisha
Chapter 8: Dispensing God's Grace – Elisha
Chapter 9: Sharing God's Thoughts – Elisha
Chapter 10: How About You?

80 pages - Softcover - Author: E. P. Vedder Jr.

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