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Bible Characters Hardcover

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Author: Bouter, H.

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The various subjects brought up in this anthology are like loose ears of grain, gleaned here and there from among the sheaves that were tied together by the inspired writers as complete Bible books. Yet, these meditations gleaned from various places in the Word of God can be valuable for any 'hungry reader', for all these Bible characters are important for our Christian life. So I trust the Lord of the harvest will use these short Bible studies to bless the reader.


  1. Preface
  2. Enosh, the son of Seth, and his worship
  3. Adam and the serious consequence of the Fall
  4. Abraham and Isaac in the Mount of the Lord
  5. Moses' calling
  6. Moses, the mediator
  7. Moses finds a place by God
  8. Moses and Miriam
  9. The twelve spies and their mission
  10. Moses and Joshua
  11. Manoah and his wife
  12. Samuel's arrival in Shiloh
  13. Samuel's work as a judge
  14. David and his mighty men
  15. Elijah and his forty days' journey to Mount Horeb
  16. Hezekiah and his going up to the house of the Lord
  17. Jabez and his prayer to the God of Israel
  18. The linen workers and the potters
  19. The temple singers and their service
  20. Ezra at the Water Gate
  21. Job's question
  22. David's new song of praise
  23. David and Doeg
  24. Asaph, or 'divine guidance
  25. Daniel's life of prayer
  26. Epilogue: All flesh is grass

160 Pages - Hardcover - Author: H Bouter

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