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The Timing of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

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One of the most fascinating prophecies as to the timing of future events covers 4 verses in Daniel 9. It tells us that there would be 483 prophetic years until Christ was presented as the Messiah, with seven prophetic years remaining. Without this prophecy it would be difficult to bring together so many other prophecies. Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) of Scotland Yard was a brilliant man of detail, and he searched out exactly how long it was between the beginning and end of the first 483 years of this prophecy and found it to be 483 prophetic (360 day) years to the day! How perfect is Scripture! We present for your interest this study in the first part of this book.

 We have then used a slightly edited edition of Roger Daniel’s study of the whole 70 weeks to complete this book. The 70th week is often called the Tribulation; the last half is called “the Great Tribulation” in Matthew 24:21. This “week” occurs after the Church is raptured to heaven. Also given is a quick review of some of the chief “actors” of this terrible future time. A one-page chart is used as a visual clue to help you understand the 70 weeks. We trust you will profit from this unique perspective of this unique prophecy!

32 Pages - softcover - Authors: Sir Robert Anderson and Roger P. Daniel

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