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Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The

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Author: Ridout, S.

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This classic book has been edited for 21st century readers. How wonderful that the Holy Spirit—a divine Person—was involved in creation, throughout the dispensations, in our salvation, actually lives in us who are saved (true Christians) and is the power for us to be able to live godly lives! Yet we can “quench” and “grieve” Him by refusing His direction and leading. The Holy Spirit formed the Church 2000 years ago, is the Leader in the Church, gives and operates the spiritual gifts or gifted persons so that the Church may grow toward maturity. He works in perfect accord with God the Father and God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. How sad He is not given His rightful place in the Church today! Samuel Ridout (1855-about 1930) was a well-known and gifted traveling teacher and author, this book being one of his best known. Believers Bookshelf is pleased to again send it forth with the prayer that it will be as much help to the current generation of believers as it was to past generation. Enjoy! 260 Pages - Softcover - Author: Samuel Ridout

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